Biography Of Havivah; Songs, Early Life, Schools Attended And More

biography of havivah songs early life schools attended and more 1

Havivah Umanah is a Phenomenonal Popular Nigeria Gospel Music Minister, Anointed Vocalist, Recording Artist, Song Writer and Wife.

She was born on the 25th of December in the Eastern part of Nigeria in Anambra state. Havivah is A graduate  of Public Administration from the University of Abuja. Her singing career started unofficially at the tender age in Choir, as a teenage Chorister she was a leading vocal in the Annual Choir Competition. Havivah receive all her songs through Revelation in the Word of God. She is gifted in the word of wisdom and revelation, a dynamic motivator and Councilor. Her powerful lyrics comprises of psalms that heal the sick, transform lives and amend the broken hearts and touch souls. Havivah is a Lover of God,
A Gem of authenticity and Uniqueness , Her songs goes with deeper thought and they stay with you, She open her heart and sing from the place of depth passion and she takes great joy in praising God.

Havivah is mandated with great delight to bring the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST through songs to the whole world to the Glory of God the FATHER, SON
and The HOLY SPIRIT. Havivah have worked and also done alot of hot and hits Gospel music in the music industry . She has more that 10 videos on YouTube and has lots of song on all digital stores.
In 2018, Havivah dropped her first album titled David’s praise and the songs are very lovely gospel melody, touching lives.  Also in 2019 Havivah came up with another album she titled ” my Connection” and this album went viral in all different stores, radio stations across Nigeria and other countries. Havivah kept working by the grace of GOD that she dropped another album in the year 2021, she titled “The King’s food” album, and this album have been selling since then and have gains thousands of streams and plays across all music platforms worldwide.

Havivah takes delight in praising and worship GOD and this is the reason Havivah kept working and making melodies and new songs to our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST.

biography of havivah songs early life schools attended and more 1 1

Havivah also dropped some new singles , like settled, trillions tongue, and glory with her Adazion Records in house producers and vocalist.

Then in the year 2022, the along awaited album titled “Established album” drops worldwide in all music selling platforms across the globe and this album have gain thausands of streams and downloads across all platforms.

Also, Havivah have lots of recorded and unrecorded songs in the studio that will be dropping Soon for her fans to listen.
So please stay tuned on Havivah music and follow her up on all her social media to know more about havivah and her music career.

Instagram: @iamhavivah

Facebook: @havivahofficial

Twitter: @iamhavivah



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