Embarrassing! Community note on ‘X’ says Davido promotes sc@ms

Community note on 'X' says Davido promotes scams
Credit: @Davido/Instagram, @Izy_BodyFitness/Twitter(X)

Popular Nigerian singer, Davido Adeleke has been trending since the crash of his highly sought-after cryptocurrency $DAVIDO. It crashed woefully barely a day after it was launched.

The singer introduced his Solana coin $DAVIDO to his fans two days ago after putting up a few tweets about it. However, while a few investors may have made some profits, many were allegedly left with only a fraction of their investment after the cryptocurrency crashed yesterday.

In a recent development, Davido’s posts on the tweeting platform now carry tags that say “Beware this user promotes cryptocurrency scams, all his coins are rug pulls. You immediately lose money.”

See the screenshot below.

There have been many reactions from netizens since the coin, see reactions below.

Twitter user, @benny7gg also shared a screenshot of the community-added context with the caption: “davido has been hit with community notes for scamming innocent people of their hard earned monies even since last night. this is for documentary purpose because he might delete the post out of shame soon.”

Another X user, @UnkleAyo wrote:

I hope Davido knows that he can go to jail for coordinated scams.

SEC currently has filed charges against Jake Paul, Soulja boy, Lil yachty and Lindsay Lohan.

He’s also not a “first offender”.

He’s not poor. I don’t know why he’s moving like a fool and a fraudster.

@Izy_BodyFitness shared a screenshot of how much he made from Davido’s coins, he wrote:

See the money I made from davido’s project yesterday
You are the fool bro❤️🦅