Four American Prominent Rappers Who Died Young From Decade Till Date

20210729 105057 - Four American Prominent Rappers Who Died Young From Decade Till Date

American music firm is recognised as the world best music industry following how enormous numbers of talented music artists have thrived its image to a greater peak.

images - Four American Prominent Rappers Who Died Young From Decade Till Date

Ranging from singers to rappers, American music firm has deployed enough great artist who has thrilled the world music enthusiast with their musical qualities in different countries.

They have bagged multiple music awards staking it as an easy task via how we record tremendous American stars who amplify their award cabinets with the top musical award trophies every single year.

They also top many charts globally which has best described the beauty in their qualities.

However, in the curriculum of this success rappers are viewed as the unfortunate ones amidst how they suffer the course of death. Some couldn’t live to enjoy the taste of their efforts via how they experienced death from their enemies and nature.

In this article, we would outline these American rappers who succumbed to the call of nature for decades to date.

American prominent rappers who died young from Decade till date

1. 2 Pac


2 Pac who was poorly known as Tupac Amaru Shakur was an American most influential songwriter, actor and rapper who pushed for the image of black history and carried its dignity passionately at his back via his rapping qualities.

He was born in the year 1971 on a fruitful day tagged 16th June in East Harlem, New York, United States.

His musical passion began in his early teens when he was still struggling to achieve a peak in the streets. 2 Pac Shakur’s dream was to fight for the black lives which gradually turned out to be a master class inequality activism call.

He was ready to die to ensure that the black lives and the poor masses were treated equally and not racially.

Shakur gained prominence when he released his debut album ‘2Pacalypse Now’ in 1991 when the Rap Gansta genre was dominant. Everything came down positively but 2 Pac was not comfortable despite the beauty of his fame amidst how he has grown to become a die-hard human rights activist.

He was involved in many clashes with the government over his verge to restore the dignity of the black lives following how they were heavily racially abused as of then.

This is likely when his death began to call him following how his arrogance created enormous numbers of rivals and enemies attached to his career.

2 Pac was shot dead at night along the road while he was verging for one of the black American beast Boxer Mike Tyson’s matches On the night of September 7, 1996.

He was distracted by the police for riding along with a none plated and licensed car at first before it swerved to the sad one. Some excited ladies waiting for the traffic noticed him and embraced him through the passenger side. While he was busy speaking to the ladies who were asking for a possible party approval unknown thugs pulled out their gun and fired him enormously via their brutal shooting qualities.

2 pac was struck four times; once in the arm, once in the thigh, and twice in the chest. The most brutal injury was the bullet that pierced his heart that caused none stop internal bleedings.

He was rushed to the hospital and was place on a life-supporting machine where he later died from respiratory failure and cardiopulmonary arrest.

He died at the age of 25 making it impossible to enjoy his glory.

2. B.I.G Smallz


Just months after the brutal aghast death of 2 Pac Shakur the American rapper who is known for his rapping qualities succumbed to the call of nature after suffering a severe gunshot.

Christopher George Latore Wallace who is poorly known by his stage name the notorious B.I.G Biggie small_sometimes referred simply as Biggie was an American rapper who was born on 21st May 1972, in Brooklyn, New York, United States.

He is referred to as the greatest rapper of all time following the great impact he played alongside his friend 2 Pac who was also dominant when they were alive.

Wallace’s death was pretty much heart-wrenching following how it looked just the same as his friend’s death 2 Pac Shakur.

In February 1997 B.I.G travelled to California to promote his studio album “Life after death” which was released two weeks after 2 Pac’s death. During an interview with the ‘Dog house,‘ on March 5 he grumbled about his safety announcing that he is Panicked about his safety not just as a rapper but because he was one of the most influential artists in America. He outlined how he hired Body Guards via his cruel fright over his safety.

Just days after his interview with the Dog House radio, his death was spanked. After attending a show he was booed disdainfully, around midnight while he was riding back to his hotel after the show was closed due to overcrowding, a black American unknown gangster alongside his troops pulled out a dangerous pistol and fired at him several times.

The gunshot entered through his right hip and struck his colon, liver, heart, and left lung before stopping in his left shoulder.

He was later pronounced dead at 1: 00 am hours his autopsy failed to save his life.

The modern century American rappers who couldn’t live to enjoy their fame. 

Several years after the brutal death of the two American top rappers B.I.G Smallz, 2 Pac Shakur, and many more unfortunate rappers we likely didn’t mention in this article, the life span of rappers from generation to generation never changed- the plague remained constant.

After what seems to be almost termed two decades, it never changed via the status of their short life span bedevilled. The new phase of the American rappers portrayed continuous death which has so far claimed enormous numbers of prominent souls.

If you aspire to know these stars, Check them below.

3. Juice Wrld 


The American young rapper who was known poorly as Jarad Anthony Higgins was born on 2nd December 1998 in a family that lives in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

His talent was recognised as one of the greatest following how he started his dream to become a professional rapper just while he was tender.

However, Higgins early life was complicated following how his parents divorced when he was just 3 years old.  It was left for his mother to raise him. She raised him as an independent single mother which clearly reshaped the mental health of Higgins despite the religious status of his mother.

His mother however never allowed him to listen to rappers and other exploitive songs until Juice Wrld overshadowed her rules with his passion for rapping.

After emerging as a professionalist in playing great musical instruments like guitar and drums, Higgins began his musical journey. He began posting songs he recorded on his phone to Spotify where his brutal behaviour spanked_ he was exposed to drugs.

He got even addicted when he experienced his first heartbreak after breaking with his first girlfriend who tore her heart apart luring him to consuming more drugs.

His single “Lucid Dream” that introduced him to the limelight was inspired by the memory of his ex where he explained the pain he felt amidst the disgusting view of their previous relationship.

Despite gaining fame, Higgins addiction to drugs never allowed him to enjoy his fame. He battled to stop it but couldn’t until he suffered a drug-related seizure that lured him to death.

Months after his death, his identity was recognised by the fans as a legendary teen who gave out classy music.

4. Pop Smoke


Bashar Barakah Jackson the American songwriter and rapper who is known famously for his stage name Pop Smoke is another name in the American music curriculum that experienced an unfortunate life.

He was born and raised in Canarsie, Brooklyn, where he grew up and acquired his education before venturing into an enchanting music life.

During his early life, he was recognised as one of the rudest young lads growing in Brooklyn having attended a whopping number of over 9 schools. Jackson’s first crime indulgent occurred when he was arrested for the possession of a gun in his school. He was paraded by the police force until he escaped imprisonment via a professional judgemental experiment. However, he spent two years on house arrest for the crime that infused the qualities of his haughty temperament.

After what seemed to have reshaped his life, Jackson pushed for a prominent career and spanked it with a basketball dream. He trained as a basketball professional and relocated to Philadelphia to enrol in Rocktop Academy. It was termed successful until nature struck him very badly_ he was forced to leave the Academy after he was diagnosed with a heart murmur. This however even worsened his haughty temperament and he succumbed to the street life.

Popularly, most of the aspirations of every street citizen in Brooklyn are to rap and emerge at a height everyone would admire. This was all Jackson dreamt for and pushed for his musical career. He was however assigned to music life following how he played the drums in his local church during his childhood.

Life began to change for Jackson after he was opportune to tour with one of the American influential artists, Jay Gwuapo who took him to the studio just for a tour.

However, his opportunity to try his talent for the first time was spanked when his fellow rapper Jay Gwuapo got extremely high on drugs and fell asleep. Jackson used the opportunity and invaded the booth rapping with his YouTube beat for the first time in his life. After several attempts in different studios and platforms like mobile phones and gadgets, his musical qualities infused and he became a professional.

His deep voice even assisted his musical qualities via how so many people fell in love with his roars and minor chants in his music. He was recognised as a professional.

After a few years of a thrilling career, Jackson’s death spurred. It was alleged that his teenage gang known famously as the crips_ a notorious gang in America known famously for drug dealing and other criminal activities invaded his hotel in the Hollywood Hills and shoot him several times.

However, the police alleged that the victims behind his death confessed that his death occurred as a result of wrong home robbery by heavily armed five men.

It began hours after Jackson released his mixtape that topped so many charts within an hour. In excitement, he unveiled his location on a Facebook post of his where he blissfully showed a view of the Hollywood Hills his rented hotel was located.


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