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How to get any man to be interested in you

by Big Glover

Are you having a hard time getting any man to be interested in you?

If you had a type that I’ve waited for too long expecting your crush to make a move, I think the best time to stop making the movie yourself is now.

You might never know what’s will become of the relationship if you don’t start it you need to make that move and make it now. Whether he’s the class president or an attractive athlete, we’ll provide some foolproof methods to help you catch your Prince Charming.

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Now, I’m going to show you a few things to do that might increase your chances of making him come for you, read on please…

Looking into his eyes

Gaze intently into his eyes to instantly kindle attraction. If you want to get his attention, all it takes is to establish direct eye contact with him. Look at him directly for three to five seconds, regardless of whether he is across the room or next to you. Your crush could be thinking about you nonstop.
You never know what may happen if the two of you lock gazes.

Just give him three seconds of your attention if you’re trying to keep it safe and be friendlier.
Simply looking at him for five seconds can do the trick when you’re trying to flirt through eye contact.

Show him your brightest grin.

Give him a dazzling display of your pearly whites. The most effective way to “wow” him physically is with your stunning grin. Make sure he gets a good look at it during your first conversation with him. Keep joking around and making him laugh to give him the impression that you’re a lot of fun to be around while you continue to talk.
When you grin at him, he can start acting incredibly corny.
There’s a chance he’ll experience a surge of hormones that will make him fall in love with you.
Another way to get him to open up to you is with a warm grin.
Make an effort to catch his eye when you smile at him to increase the likelihood of his returning the gesture.

Maintain a really pleasant demeanour

Keep a positive outlook and people will naturally gravitate toward you. Acting politely and kindly at all times can help you establish a relationship with him and attract his attention. Be alert and friendly while he’s around; enquire about his day. Exhibiting your extroverted nature will captivate him immediately. Even if you don’t want to speak to him, you may still get his attention by displaying your enthusiasm for his presence, such as by offering a little wave.
Treat the individuals he’s close to with extreme kindness. Make conversation with his pals or provide a hand to the club’s members to win him over. You’ll be able to show off your brilliant character to the man you adore.
If you want him to discover you, you have to give him the opportunity. He’ll have far less of a hurdle to overcome before he can get the courage to approach you. Try spending time alone at the library, for instance.
If your crush is someone you see often, such as in a class, try to catch him while he’s free. Use a question like “Are you feeling prepared for the final?” as a conversation starter. It’s a little much, if you ask me!

Obtain his assistance by requesting it
Let him be the hero by coming to the rescue. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when the time is appropriate. If he is the math team leader, you should talk to him after school to discuss an expression in algebra that has been bothering you. See if you can squeeze out a favour, too. Perhaps you are aware of his success in an art competition, and you think he would be perfect for designing a poster for your theatre club. You’ll make him feel fantastic, and he’ll thank you for it.
Even a little kindness might have far-reaching consequences. If you reach out for guidance, your crush may end up becoming your weekly instructor.
The more you acknowledge his abilities, the more he may seek out situations in which he may demonstrate them for your benefit. 
In return for your assistance, he may begin to develop some feelings and a stong desire to protect you.

Keep in mind the audience you’re trying to impress.
To get his full attention, you need dress to impress. Put some effort into your looks if you want to be more alluring to men. If you want to make sure he notices you if you ever run into each other, you should take care of your hair, wash it regularly, and put some effort into your appearance. He will be very impressed by how beautifully put together you are. Furthermore, when he sees you every day, he would desire you more.
Learn to dress to impress so you can attract his attention. You might dress like a goth if that’s what you’re going for, or you could try to pull off a preppy look.
Clean, well-fitting clothing is nice, but other than that, wear whatever makes you happy! Your self-assurance will make any outfit seem good on you.
If you want to attract a man, you need to show him that you care about yourself by maintaining a high standard of personal hygiene.
Do your best to maintain an affable and confident stance. Body language is important to becoming jaw-dropping.

Improve your understanding of him by spending more time with him.

Use fantastic conversation starters to get the most out of idle chatter. Try to find as many ways as possible to speak to the person you like. Have an interest in what makes him happy and ask him to fill you in on his recent activities, hobbies, and interests.

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Here are some conversation starters to help you get going:

The question, “Did you audition for that play?” Really? How did people feel throughout the auditions?

How do you unwind after a long day of studying? We’re talking about video games here, right? Nice.”
“Do you like action movies or comedies?”
I’ve never seen that programme before! Why are you hooked on it so much?

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