Posting a video to ridicule fan who tried to hold her at an event was silly— Daniel Regha knocks Tacha

Twitter influencer, Daniel Regha has called out reality star-cum-OAP, Tacha for undoing the hand of a man who tried to put his hands around her waist while posting for a photograph.

According to Daniel, he has no issues with the occurrence but with the fact that Tacha herself took to her social media platform to post the event. He further stated that posting such a video ridicules the other party involved just to chase clout.

He wrote:

Tacha has a right to set boundaries for anyone who wants to take a picture, but posting a video online that ridicules someone in an attempt to chase clout is s!lly; She wouldn’t do that to an A-list celeb/influencer. She keeps exposing her type of person everyday, from telling l!es with Mr Macaroni, to m¤cking people.

The video has also sparked some reactions among netizens around the world, see below,

One user said:

If she was the one that posted the video, then she did not do well. People should stop seeking for validation, because what was she trying to prove with the video sef? As per, “I’m not loose” or kini?

Another user said:

If Tony Elumelu or Dangote had kept his arms around her, oh wow… I couldn’t believe such a powerful personality held me. She has right to set boundaries though, but posting it is very low of her. It explains the kinda person she is.

Another user said:

I agree with him

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