6 signs that shows you are not ready to get married


Have you ever imagined if you are ready for marriage or not?

You should not let yourself be pressured into rushing into marriage for as the saying goes there is time for everything.

But what happens when you have waited long enough and feel just old enough to get married? What are the signs that you may actually not be ready that you need to look out for?

Maybe in your case, you have had this relationship going on for so long but you don’t just feel the need yet to move into marriage with this person, how do you know that you are not ready? What are the things you need to look out for within yourself that obviously indicate that you are not ready and that you just need more time maybe a little more?

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1. You keep secrets and don’t like to share

Secrets are not entirely bad but if you’ve realised that you’d rather keep that thing to yourself than share it with your partner and this happens more often, you may not be ready for that marriage. Marriage is an institution where the two partners involved open up on almost all things keeping mostly nothing to themselves individually so if you are not ready to open up you might just need a little more time for yourself as a single man or woman before considering marriage because in a marriage setting you to need to open up in most cases.

2. You don’t trust your partner

It is understandable that sometimes we don’t want to trust our partners with some pieces of information or revelations. This might be because of the way they reacted to something similar in the past or you feel that the information is just not safe with them. However, in a relationship, we must learn to trust our partner. This is because after marriage they become the closest to us than even our relatives or siblings as the situation may be. Therefore, if you mostly have issues in revealing information to your partner before marriage, it may be that you don’t see that person as the right person for you by your observation and you need to move on to another person or you yourself have trust issues. Having Trust issues generally mean that you still need some time to develop yourself. You should take your time and settle this before marriage as this is one of the major reasons why people keep things from their partners or keep secrets as time goes on.

3. Divorce is normal to you

The mentality that we all should have is that a marriage is a forever thing. It is unfortunate that in this new age and time, people are mostly not scared again of divorce. In the news every day there is always something to say about couples breaking up or getting a divorce. It is apparently, now like an everyday thing.

No one is saying you should stay and enjoy a marriage that is choking on your well-being but one must do all that is necessary to save their marriage. Therefore, if you are the type that sees divorce as a normal thing, you might just not be ready yet for marriage. Know that nothing comes easy and a good marriage definitely, is worth fighting for.

4. You still like and talk about your ex.

Yes, you once dated a rich guy and he took good care of you and all that. Your last girlfriend makes the best cultural dishes on the planet, okay? You left them eventually, don’t you? All connections should end there. You are with someone else now, make the relationship work for you instead of steady ranting over and over again about how they were better in all aspects. Focus on your newly-found love and prepare for better days ahead. If you can’t seem to get over your ex as the case maybe you might just not be ready for marriage.

5. Financial Talks

It is important to know the financial status of your partner before getting married. If you don’t know this or you are too shy to raise the topic you might end up running into serious debt eventually in the marriage. This is why this conversation must happen, it is after then you are sure if you want to proceed with the marriage or give it a little more time.

6. You are frequently fighting or nagging

As couples, we may have disagreements once in a while, this is mostly inevitable. Even when you look at couples that seem perfect from afar, those gorgeous ones that look super adorable every time you see them, sometimes they fight too.

You might not know this except if they tell you. However, if you and your partner fight more often than you are happy together then you might need to consider waiting a bit more before getting into marriage with them especially when it has to do with arguments and nagging. Both parties want to win.

The man or the woman does not want to back down in the argument except the other does first. If you have found yourself in a relationship where nobody wants to surrender to the other then you might need to wait a little longer before getting married because it clearly shows that either one of you or both of you are not ready for the marriage yet.

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